Connecticut Division Bylaws



Chair: Jeremy Goun
Vice Chair: James Roberts
Secretary: Kyle Mezzi
Treasurer: Thomas Ciccarone
Bout Committee Chairman: Thomas Ciccarone
Junior Olympic Committee Chairman: Thomas Ciccarone
FOC Committee Chairman: Thomas Ciccarone

Name and Affiliation


The DIVISION is a duly chartered, subordinate, constituent body of the USFA, Inc., exercising powers given by, performing duties directed under, and subject to, the Charter and By-Laws of the USFA, Inc., with jurisdiction over the following geographic area:
           The State of Connecticut, and an area in Massachusetts on either side of the Connecticut River to include such Towns and Cities as Springfield, Holyoke, and Amherst and their environs.


The objectives of the CONNECTICUT DIVISION shall be:

1. The encouragement and development of the sport of fencing.
2. The holding of tournaments and competitions.
3. The promotion of participation in State, Divisional, Sectional, National and World competitions sponsored by the USFA, the FIE or its affiliates.
4. Such other purposes and objectives that have been promulgated in the By-Laws of the USFA, Inc.


Section 1 - Eligibility: Any person residing in the State of Connecticut, or in that part of Massachusetts described in Article 1 above, or belonging to a fencing club, and that club being their primary club, located within those geographic areas, or otherwise meeting eligibility criteria, and who is not a member of another Division of the USFA, Inc., and who meets the requirements for membership in the USFA Inc., shall be eligible for membership in the CT Division.

Section 2 - Classes of Membership: Membership shall be in agreement with current membership guidelines in the United States Fencing Association rules     

Section 2 - Admission to Membership: Applicants who qualify under Section 1 of this Article shall be admitted to membership upon payment of the required dues.

Section 4 - Discipline, Suspension, and Expulsion of Members: All matters pertaining to the discipline, suspension and expulsion of members shall be referred to the Board of Directors of the USFA, Inc. for appropriate action.


The officers of the Division shall consist of a Chairman, Vice Chairmen, Secretary and Treasurer. All Officers shall take office at the beginning of the fiscal year of the USFA, Inc., following their elections, and shall hold office until the end of that fiscal year, of until their successors are elected and have qualified. The duties of the officers shall be as follows:

Chairman: The Chairman shall preside at all meetings of the Division and its Executive Committee whenever possible, and to perform such other duties as usually pertain to that office and are not inconsistent with these By-Laws. The Chairman has the responsibility for filing with the Secretary and the Treasurer of the USFA, Inc., the Annual Reports called for under the USFA, Inc., By-Laws and the standing votes of the Board of Directors. The preparation of these reports may be delegated to the Secretary/Treasurer of the Division.

Vice Chairman: The Vice Chairman shall perform such duties as delegated to him by the Chairman. In addition, in the absence of the Chairman, the Vice Chairman shall perform the duties of the Chairman.

Secretary: The Secretary shall conduct all official correspondence; keep a record of the meetings of the Division; issue notices to members of all meetings; keep a record of current and past membership of the Division, and file all forms with the USFA, Inc., including but not limited to classification changes.

Treasurer: The Treasurer shall keep the accounts of the Division; receive all monies, dues, fees, etc., due the Division; pay all its bills approved by the Chairman; keep all receipts and vouchers and shall, at the annual meeting of the Division, submit a a report of the activities and financial transactions of the preceding year. The Treasurer shall keep the funds of the Division in such accounts as the Executive Committee or the Chairman may prescribe. Normal disbursements may be made as deemed necessary under such control as may be established by the Executive Committee or the Chairman.


Section 1 - Composition: The management of the Division shall be vested in an Executive Committee consisting of the Officers of the Division, such additional Directors of the USFA, Inc., as the Division may be entitled to elect, the North Atlantic Section Representative, and such additional members, not exceeding six (6) in number, as shall be elected by the members of the Division, or appointed by the Chairman.

Section 2 - Quorum: A Quorum shall consist of 1/3 of the members of the Executive Committee, or three (3) members, whichever is greater, and the Chairman.

Section 3 - Meetings: Meetings of the Executive Committee shall be held at such time and place as shall be designated by the Chairman, and shall be called upon by the written request of three (3) or more members of the Committee. All Members shall be given not less than forty-eight (48) hours prior notice of all meetings.


There shall be four (4) standing committees of the Division, whose Chairmen shall be appointed by the Chairman of the Division.

Section 1 - Bout Committee: The Chairman of the Bout Committee shall have charge of, and conduct, all competitions in the Division. He or his appointed representatives shall decide all disputes arising during the course of a competition.  An appeal from any decision of the Bout Committee Chairman may be taken to the Bout Committee as a whole, in which event a decision of a majority of the members of the Bout Committee shall control. Such appeal shall not be allowed to interrupt the competition in progress.

Section 2 - Membership Committee:   The Chairman of the membership Committee shall be charged with conducting continuing efforts to promote membership in the Division. He should maintain a list of members, contact former members that have not yet joined, and insure that the members of the Committee exert every effort towards getting members of their clubs to join the USFA, Inc.

Section 3 - Junior Olympic Committee: The Chairman of the Junior Olympic Committee shall be responsible for the administration of the Division's Junior Olympic activities, Including: Holding the Junior Olympic Qualifying rounds in accordance with the By-Laws of the USFA, Inc. and sending in the results of those qualifying rounds to the USFA, Inc. in a timely fashion.

Section 4 - FOC (Fencing Official Commission) Committee: The Chairman of the FOC Committee  shall be responsible for establishing the criteria by which class 9 or 10 Referee Licenses will be awarded by the Division. The Referee's Examination , Clinics, practical application, and observation of referees and candidates are within the jurisdiction of this Committee. The Chairman shall also be responsible for submitting the test results to the designated FOC official. The Chairman of the FOC Committee must be a level 5 or higher referee.


Section 1 - Annual Meetings: An Annual Meeting of the members of the Division shall be held each year prior to the month of August, at a date, tine and place designated by the Chairman.

Section 2 - Special Meetings: Special meetings may be called any time and any place by the Chairman upon the written request of not less than seven (7) members of the Division. All officers of the Division must be present at special meetings.

Section 3 - Notice: Written notice of date, time and place shall be given to all members of the Division not less than fifteen days (15) in advance of the meeting. This notice may be given on the World Wide Web at the Division Web site, and shall contain a statement of the offices to be filled at the meeting, a statement as to any proposed amendments to the By-Laws to be voted on at such meeting, and a statement of any other matters to be voted on at the meeting. 

Section 4 - Quorum: A Quorum shall consist of not less than seven members, and all officers of the Division present in person, and a majority vote of those members shall control, except as herein provided.


Section 1 - Nominations: candidates for all offices established under these By-Laws shall be nominated according to the following procedure:

1. The Chairman of the Nominating Committee shall submit the Committees choices of Officers of the Division to the Secretary by March 1.
2. The Secretary shall will inform the membership of the proposed slate of Officers by March 15.
3. Additional nominations will  be accepted, provided petitions signed by seven (7) voting members of the Division and naming their particular office and candidate for that office, are received by April 15.
4. Under unusual circumstances nominations from the floor will also be accepted.

Section 2 - Voting Procedures: If not more that 1 nomination for any one office is presented, the Secretary shall cast a unanimous ballot at the annual meeting for the candidate nominated by the Nomination Committee. If additional nominations are properly presented, according to Article 8, Section 1, of these By-Laws voting for these candidates shall be by mail ballot, in the following manner.

1. Mail ballots can be downloaded from this site and mailed to the address on the ballot. The Ballot must be completely filled out and the envelope signed and return addressed. 
2. The mail ballots must be received no later than  the Divisional Annual Meeting. Any Ballots received after the meeting will not be opened.
3. The Annual Division meeting will be held at the Nutmeg Sate Games around noon.

4. Mail Ballot


please print


Vice Chairman_______________________________________



Please remember the envelope must be signed and return addressed in order to validate the the ballot. Sign on the back across the flap.                        
Mail to:                           CT Division Secretary
                                       c/o Candlewood Fencing Center
                                      272 White Street
                                      Danbury, CT 06810


5. The Secretary will, upon receipt, verify the eligibility of the ballot by checking the name on the envelope against the list of members and their ages, so that they can be counted. Voting members are CT DIV USFA members in good standing and eighteen (18) years old or older.
6. At the annual meeting, at the time in the agenda established for the election of officers, tellers will be appointed, representing all candidates, and the ballots will then be opened and counted. The candidate receiving the majority of eligible votes shall be declared elected.

7. In the case of a tie there will be a runoff vote. If , after a runoff vote, there is still a tie, lots will be cast and the winner shall be declared elected.


All initiation fees and dues, and the time and method of paying them, shall be as prescribed in the By-Laws of the USFA, Inc. No Member who has failed to pay his dues shall be eligible to compete in any competition sponsored by the Division, and shall have no vote in Division affairs until after the dues are paid.


All By-Laws, Rules and Regulations, and matters of policy concerning the conduct of competitions as set forth in the Fencing Rules and Athlete's Handbook of the USFA, Inc., are hereby incorporated as part of these By-Laws without action of the Executive Committee or the members of the Division.

The Connecticut Division will conduct operations on a fiscal schedule starting August 1 and ending on July 31 each year.


These By-Laws may be amended at the Annual meeting of the Division, or at any Special Meeting called for that purpose. Any potential amendments must be included in the Notice of such meeting. An amendment receiving a majority of all votes cast by the members voting either in person or by proxy shall be deemed adopted.

Sanctioning of Division Tournaments

Any USFA Club may hold a "Sanctioned Tournament". This enables the club to submit the results to The Connecticut Division and the USFA for Point list and Rating increases. The Hosting club should submit the proposed tournament 1 month in advance to a Division officer.

Requirements to host a sanctioned event
1. Approved venue (The venue must be approved by the CT Div Chair or officers)
2. Appropriate number of strips and machine setups to accommodate number of events and participants.
3. One level 6 referee to act as FOC/Referee. 
4.  Approved referees (All having passed the USFA ref written course and having a minimum rating of 10) of sufficient quantity.
5. Event published 1 month or more prior to the date of the even if possible.
6. All referees must be current in Safe-sport certification, have an updates background check as per requirement of the USFA and be a current professional member of the USFA
7. Results must be submitted to the Treasurer of the CT Division no later than 1 week after the tournament ends
8. All results must be accompanied with the following documents:
            1, Classification spreadsheet (same one as before-generated by Fencing Time)

2. Referee report (same one as before-generated by Fencing Time)

3. REFEREE USAGE REPORT (also on Fencing Time) I suggest that you load the referees into FT prior to the event.


In addition to these requirements all referees, support staff and personnel that participate in a USFA sanctioned tournament must be:

1. Current in Safe Sport certification (over 18 years old only)

2. Have passed the USFA background check and are currently certified by the USFA

3. Referees must have passed the referee test, written and practical in the weapon in which they are used and hold as minimum rating of 10.

4. The FOC must be a level 6 referee or higher and on the referee list (5 or higher for Qualifiers.)
Please bear in mind that publication on is a requirement. The results link must be sent in with the forms.

Candlewood Fencing Center


272 White Street

Danbury, CT 06810



2 Broad Street, Rear

Norwalk, CT 06851


For all billing questions and membership changes, please email