I'm interested in fencing! Now what?

If you or your child has never fenced before but is interested in trying it out, your first step is to book a trial class! Trial classes are always free and carry no commitment with them. Simply put, come on down and check it out. If you like it, we'll go from there (we think you'll love it)!

We provide all the necessary equipment and that good stuff, you should bring clothes you can move around in, closed-toe sneakers and your excitement to try something new!

Unsure of which class to try out? Below is the schedule of our Beginner Classes. You or your child is welcome to try out any Beginner Class we offer.



It doesn't really matter which class you try out. In addition to you or your child getting a feel for us, we're getting a feel for you too! If a coach feels that you or your child would be best suited in another class or fencing another weapon, we'll tell you! We want everyone to have the best experience possible!

A good place to start would be to pick a day and time that works for you or your child. The age recommendations are really just suggestions, so if your new fencer falls just outside of the guidelines, it's not that big of a deal.

Not sure which class to take? CONTACT US!

I liked the trial class! Now what?

That's what we like to hear! Your next step would be to sign the new fencer up for an Introductory Package. The Intro Package comes with 2 one-on-one Private Lessons, 6 Group Classes and 2 Months of Club Membership.

By the end of their Intro Package, the new fencer (and his or her parents) will have an excellent idea on whether they'd like to continue. If everyone decides that fencing is for them (woohoo!), then the next step is to sign up for a Beginner Membership, get matched with a coach and start learning the absolute coolest sport on earth!

You can read more about Introductory Packages and Beginner Memberships HERE.

Haven't booked your first class yet?


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